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The Credentials used to access ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct

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The ESET Security Package I have paid for was installed by and on the initiative of a Computer Repair/Service Company.

I was not asked for consent beforehand, but it seems a good package so I wish to keep it.

I do not know what details he used to create an account or even if one exists in my name.

I cannot find the Licence Number for the Product, but the app screen tells me I'm licensed to 16/11/2022.

I have set up a profile but I don't see how it helps me.

I have the above Message "The Credentials used to access ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct" but do not know what this means nor how to correct/address it. 
I have never seen the message before.

Product & License Info.PNG

eis_logs 1.zip

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The license was issued in Honk Kong and was deactivated. If you wish to continue using ESET, I'd recommend:
- purchasing a license for ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security Premium (includes also Password Manager and Disk Encryption)
- uninstalling ESET NOD32 Antivirus and installing EIS or ESSP and activating it with your license.

EAV doesn't contain the network attack protection module and therefore cannot protect you from brute-force attacks or exploitation of vulnerabilities in network protocols either, hence the recommendation to use EIS or ESSP instead.

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1 hour ago, Deep_Thought_65@protonmail said:

Perhaps I should ask my Service Technician if he charged me for this Application. I'm still waiting for the invoice from him.

I will explore the costs of a new installation.

Thank you.

If you request to hide your email or change the username or I don't know what can be done , can spare you from lot of spam mails soon to come.

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I would have a "heart-to-heart" talk with that service technician. First, about installing software without your pre-approval and next, about installing a cracked version of the software.

This also brings up the question of what else he may have installed ...............

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