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Protect ESET activation with password also to increase safety


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I think ESET lacks one very important feature which also affects computer security a lot, without password protection in Activate your product... window other computer users can modify your product key. I think that once password protection is defined through ESET settings it should also cover the whole product, including Activate your product... window.


My suggestion is that when you click Activate your product... link it should ask your password.


I know that other users can not see the password when you activate your product using Username and Password method, but in my opinion other computer users should not have a privilege to open this window in first place.

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In my opinion, protecting activation with a password would cause much more harm than good. I, for one, wouldn't be afraid of my relatives or friends activating ESET's product on my computer - one could still change the UP in the update setup or re-activate the product using a different activation key. Activation process must be as much straightforward as possible.

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