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How to exclude file types from remote management console 7.1

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No sure if ESET management console (browser) 7.1 is capable of excluding file types, but after fiddling for an hour, I can't seem to find any place to do this and all the instructions are from version 5 (when the UI was still user friendly & intuitive) and of no use.
All I wish to do, for particular PCs, is exclude SQL Server data, log, temp & backup files from real-time scans (which slow the database down to a crawl).
*.mdf, *.ldf, *.bak 
Other machines, I want to not scan *.vhd, *.vxd
I can't figure out how to do this and the instructions point to links that are nowhere to be found.
I looked into making another policy, but there's no area where you can set exclusions.



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Files with those extensions are not scanned even if not excluded. Moreover, real-time protection doesn't scan archives or containers at all.

To exclude files from scanning due to other than detection reasons, add them to performance exclusions:


Please elaborate more on what actual issue you are trying to solve so that we can understand the use case.

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Ok. Where is "Exclusions" located?
I've got the following options under the policy selections (I don't see Exclusions anywhere).
    Detection engine
    Network protection
    Web and email
    Device control
    User interface
    Override Mode

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