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ESET Mail Security 6.5.10059.1, W2008 R2 SP1 64bit, Exchange 2010, Undocumented Serious Error 0x1106

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since last week, we cant update our Mail Security anymore. It always show the error: "Undocumented Serious Error 0x1106".
When we enable the diagnostic log, then there are enrties about compile errors during the update.

W2008 R2 SP1 64bit
Exchange 2010
ESET Mail Security 6.5.10059.1

We tried these steps here:

But it doesn't help.

Maybe someone have an idea or similar issues in the past with a soluton for us?

Thank you.


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Are you getting the error when attempting to update? Do you update directly from ESET's servers, via an http proxy or from a mirror? Please upgrade to the latest version of ESET Mail Security for MS Exchange v7.1 and see if the issue persists.

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As far as i can see, 6.5 have still Limited Support, right? So update packages from your servers should be compatible?

We dont use a HTTP-Proxy and the Update Server is set to automatic. I'll try to reboot the server today, hope this helps.

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I'd recommend upgrading to EMSX v7.1 since it would:
- add an option to capture network communication during update
- add Ransomware Shield (improves protection)
- add support for Deep Behavioral Inspection (improves protection)
- add support for streamed updates (improves protection and detection of malware in scanned mails)
- add support for Advanced Machine Learning (improves protection and detection of malware in scanned mails)
- add support for ESET Dynamic Threat Defense which you might want to use in the future to analyze email attachments in ESET's cloud on the fly
- add new options related to mail scanning, fix issues present in EMSX v6.

For now enable advanced engine update in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics and run update. Next disable advanced logging and collect logs with ESET Log Collector. When done, upload the generated archive here. It would be also useful if you could provide a Wireshark pcap log with the network communication generated during the update.

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