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very slow endpoint antivirus 7.2 update

Martin V

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we are trying update clients from 5.x to 7.2 from ESMC and there is some problem. After the agent uninstall old client install the new one, restart computer then the first update takes a hour or more to complete. All computers we tried counter the same problem. There is no trouble with internet connection (100Mbit).

Is it wrong ESMC settings or something bad on PCs?

In process explorer it shows that ekrn.exe connects to umxx.eset.com, download some small package (in 2-3 sec) and disconnect (name of downloaded file changes). After that for a minute or more nothing is happening. Then it all repeates.

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Do you update directly from ESET's update servers or through a proxy? Have you tried cancelling update download and running update again so that a different update server is used? Does it make difference?

If the problem is with a direct download, I'd recommend enabling advanced network protection and update engine logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, reproducing the slow download, disabling logging, collecting logs with ESET Log Collector and providing the generated archive to customer care for perusal.

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