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Update impossible from time to time


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Hi everyone,


So I have this reoccurring issue where my Eset endpoint clients cannot update as scheduled, it goes "download interrupted" in the event of the application. But then, after a few hours, it can update again without me changing anything (except waiting).

I haven't found any time pattern, nor have I found any issue with my firewall (anyway updates work from time to time, so I don't think it is firewall related).

This seems to also affect LiveGrid connection, which shows as "not accessible" when it happen.

Internet access and DNS requesting is fine during these periods, no problem there.

I already tried to empty the update cache, to no avail.

So where should I look to try and solve this problem ? Anything to get more detailed logs about the error ? 


A bit of context :

- several clients have displayed this issue,

- Endpoint version doesn't seem to affect the issue (both version 6.x and 7.x displayed it),

- There's an Eset management center configured, with agent on all clients,

- it has happened for at least 2 months (I've arrived recently).


Thanks in advance for your help everyone.

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I'm sorry, do you mean proxy through our ERA server or with some external Eset server ?


The option is currently set at "use the global parameters" and there's no server address or credential, so I don't think we use any proxy.


The option "use a direct connection if the proxy is unreachable" is on though.

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I meant an http proxy. It's a part of the ESMC All-in-one installer but it can be installed separately or not at all if endpoints connect directly to the Internet or if you already have a proxy server in place.

Please enable advanced network protection and update engine logging in the advanced setup -> tools, reproduce the issue, then disable logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.

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