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File Security License on ESMC server

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Hello ESET forum people!

I have taken over the ESET management in my environment, we had to renew licenses for January 6th 2020, Did that, added some, things went well for the most part. 

ESMC is installed on our file server, not what I would have done, but it's there and here I am. This server also has Eset File Security installed on it. 

All the endpoints picked up the new license and are good for a few more years, however the File Security that is installed on the ESMC expired on the 6th. looking in the console it shows the license was not activated by ESMC, I assume this is because this is in fact the ESMC. Maybe it cannot activate itself?  OR perhaps this machine is activated differently because it is the ESMC

The public license ID is a much different looking set of characters then our regular license that shows on all the other devices. 

Product Name ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server
Expiration Date 2020 Jan 6 07:00:00
Activated by ESMC No
Managed by ESMC No
License Type


Our ESET license shows as "ESET Endpoint Security + File Security" with a normal 9 digit public ID. Shouldn't this license be able to activate the software? 

When I right click the alert, and create an activate product task on it, select my license (with open seats) it fails. I get the trace message "Task Failed in the security product" under the executions report.


It's running in a grace period at the moment. Any help would be appreciated!




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  • ESET Staff

Mentioned product should activate with mentioned license - fact that is is installed on the same machine as ESMC makes no difference. As indicated on provided screenshot, product was activated manually. My best guess is that there were some activation issue (offline environment? Inaccessible internet?) which resulted in manual activation.

As you mentioned that activation with current license fails, I think there is still original problem with activation, and I can only recommend to try activation with this license locally, as it might provide more details of activation error.

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Thanks MartinK! 

Then my understanding is the file security component is competently separate from the ESMC console even though they are on the same server. 

In that case it i can feel free to deactivate the file security and then re-activate with the group license without any worry of blowing up the ESMC correct?? 

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