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Query reputation before installation

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I recently installed Treesize Free from the Microsoft store, from JAM Software. Installation was fine, execution worked, no ESET problems. For some reason, I wondered where this product was installed. A Treesize FAQ said it was in Program Files (x86), but I did not find it there. I looked in Program Files and it was not there either. I think I am showing hidden files. This made me suspicious and I uninstalled this app. I realized at this point that I could have used ESET reputation reporting (Running Processes) to check this app. I could reinstall this app and look at its reputation, but I wondered if it is possible to check the reputation of an app without installing and running it. 

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-EDIT- I should have mentioned the following originally.

Win 10 Store apps are not installed via Win OS conventional methods. Rather they are directed downloaded and installed into a Win apps sub-directory located within C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData directory.

Store apps are accessible via the Win 10 start menu or the Store app itself. Additionally, Store apps are updated auto via Win Updates or manually via the Store app itself. Ditto for uninstalling the app.

As such, there is no way for Eset to scan a Win Store app in any form prior to the app being installed. Microsoft is supposed to vet apps prior to being placed in the Win 10 Store for security fitness. Additionally the above referenced Win Store app sub-directory I believe is locked by the OS preventing Eset from scanning it. Most files in the directory can be off-lined scanned.

-End EDIT-

I always download a portable version from the software vendor if one is available. When provided, it is always best to opt for a portable version to avoid any undesirable software that could be installed via the Win installer.

Portable version can also be downloaded here: https://customers.jam-software.de/downloadTrial.php?language=EN&article_no=80



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Thanks for both responses. My first problem was finding the executable (Program Files\WindowsApps\JAMSoftware. . . .) and my second was ignorance of the advanced feature to check a file for reputation.

I did try help to find information about reputation features but did not recognize a reference to it.

It works fine. 

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, kyo1972 said:

My first problem was finding the executable (Program Files\WindowsApps\

Access to that directory requires the OS to grant permanent local admin access. Not a good idea. You should always remove the local admin access in directory security permissions when done with accessing the directory.

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