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Apache proxy cache cleaning on Windows: advice needed

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I have ESMC installed on my network and a number of remote LANs, on which I utilized the Apache HTTP server, as per https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/http_proxy_installation_windows.html

I did not include the scheduling of cache maintenance (end of the above mentioned article) and as a result the cache dir grew to over 4Gb (which is not that bad), from around 130.000 files in more than 190.000 subdirectories! Understandably, that was my mistake. I tried running the htcacheclean command, which managed to lock my AD server on which Apache was running. Restarted, re-ran the same command and again the system after an hour or so entered a lockup again.

Rebooted for a second time, but somehow the htcacheclean had managed to do its job: the total contents of the directory were cut tenfold to only 340Mb, from 4.600 files in 7.355 directories.

I've got a couple of questions:

  • is the size of some hundred megabytes for the cache "logical". FYI, the remote lan consists of around 20 windows PCs, most running (still) windows xp and some running windows 7
  • in the ESET KB article above, the htcacheclean command contains the parameters " -l10000M -L12000", which effectively limit the cache to 10Gb (ok so far) and to 12.000 inodes. How do inodes correlate in my own Windows setup?
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