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Firewall, WIndows10 (ugh) & e-book library

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Using ESET Internet Security under Windows 7 I didnt have this problem.  Now, however, with the 'progress'of winspasm10 I find that what I could do with local fileshares and book library content, etc is no longer user-friendly.

So, here's the scenario:

Win10 (latest)

Home router with remote IPs ( accepted to port 8099 (forwarded to local 192.168.x.x address) port 8099.

On the win10 system I create a firewall rule (and I have tried 'in' and 'both' directions) to accept any remote IP port 8099 to local IP port 8099 and, for good measure, I also specify the calibre application.  Connections to this local book server are not possible except from the host via 'localhost:8099' URL.

Coincidentally, I have another rule whose path is

router - remote any:54321 -> win10 54321
win10 (ESET) - remote:54321 -> VirtualBox Guest:54321, torrentclient

and do not have a problem with this setup.

What am I missing here?

I expect to allow an address and port without all this mucky muck of extremely granular setups.



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Also....ARRRRGH! It would be GREAT if the ESET windows/boxes could be resized. Is this such a big ask?  The ability to resize windows windows has been a thing for decades and yet now you deem this basic function redundant!  WHY?

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I'd suggest either using learning mode to create necessary rule(s) automatically or use the Firewall troubleshooting wizard to unblock desired recently blocked communications.

As for resizing windows, which are not resizeable? I've gone through the program and didn't find any.

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Well...for the previous 6 or more occasions I had 'advanced setup' open the window was not able to be resized. Since I changed to LEARNING MODE it now is. I'd hate to think that one was dependant on the other but it is an odd coincidence.

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