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js/krptik.i trojan

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Hello guys. This threat has been apearing almost every time i click on something in my browser and says quarentined but it just keeps showing up. I don't know much about viruses so all help is greatly appreaciated.

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Hello, Marianofu97


I can give you a few things to look for, however an issue of this type would probably be better having an experienced tech or researcher assist in removal.

I would then refer you to contact ESET by phone or your local distributor for support.

By doing this, you may assist in submitting the malicious files to the lab for study and improving future detections of this type.


Here are a few things to look for and try.

Check the icon, or link you click to open your browser (right click it and select properties, check that the target has no extra junk as a suffix.)

If its win taskbar you have to right click twice.

Open your Scheduled tasks and look for malicious or non-default suspicious tasks. ( Control Panel > Administrative tools > Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library *Look to the right pane )

I recommend using CCleaner for easier useability on Startup tasks.

Next would be opening your microsoft system configuration tool and checking for startup apps and services for malicous programs. (msconfig from Windows key+R)

After most of the previous is completed, clear your temporary files on your system in all temp directories, clear your web browsers cache [i recommend resetting them to factory defaults to clear everything].

Reset your home page for browser.

Start an In-depth scan again of your C: partition. Complete removal, reset your browsers again if need be.


It's quite the project to tackle browser based hi-jackers, but it can be done. :)


If you feel that you know very little about Microsoft windows as well as viruses, i recommend again contacting support by phone. :)

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