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HTML/ScrInject.B detected on my own website

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Hi everyone,

I run a wordpress website for our research group, it is very amateur website with mainly .pdf content, no add and no enhancement of the website in anyway.


The main page is ok, but since recently, when we try to get to any other pages I get an alert from ESET that the webage is threatened by trojan.

I only added recently some .pdf to download. Is there any easy way to find out the origin of this malware ? When I search on google I only find companies selling their protection but no hands on step by step to identify and delete the problem.

Best regards,


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I was unable to reproduce the detection / block.

As stated in Please read this before you post, please report the block to ESET by following instructions in the notice. We'll need ELC logs with also Quarantined files included.

Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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