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ESET Product is installed but it is not running

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Hi everyone,

an error is showing up on several computers (200+) after ESET Management Agent on the computers has been upgraded to 7.1.717.0 via ESMC.
The issue is present on different operating systems (from Windows 7 to 10 & from Winserver 2008 to 2019), and on computers with different ESET Products (from Endpoint Antivirus 6.5.x to 6.6.x & ESET File Security from 6.5.x to 7.1.x).

I do not understand why this happened so I was hoping maybe someone can help me out?



Thank you.


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This sound stupid I know , but have you tried to restart the computers one more time after the upgrade?

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Actual software version which was installed is ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.2.2055.0.
"Security product" is only information under product column.



@Rami I haven't, since we don't force restarts on users computers/servers. I will try that.
I am worried what will happen when I push the upgrade task to remaining 2000+ computers including production servers. 
Will ESET product on half of them just stop working and will require instant reboot?

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  • ESET Staff

What would also help is to check the actual product user interface, what is the status reported in there (in the local GUI, if the GUI is active). It could help us to better understand what could be a problem. 

Also, you have stated that this happened after agent upgrade, not product upgrade, correct?  Sorry for the bunch of additional questions, but this is behavior I have never observed so far. Also, agent upgrade should not require a computer restart. 

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Please provide ELC logs from a machine with Endpoint 7.2 and Agent 7.1 installed that is reporting the above error to ESMC.

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