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Troubleshooting the problem of not installing the new version on windows 7

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Dear all experts


I've face the problem of not installing the ESET new version I mean version 7.2 on all system which their operating systems is windows 7 no matter what is their platform 

the error that has occurred is : the installation was not completed successfully

At firs I tried to install antivirus by remote deployment tools, The result was installing agent successfully but there was no antivirus version on them so at the next step I install antivirus version locally which suddenly the error which i mentioned above occurred.

I read a lot about this problem, one the exiting solution was running specialized cleaner but it does not a good way and my problem is still remained.

Is there any possible way to solve this problem?

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Dear Marcos

I downloaded them based on the clients platform, then I tried to run them on clients 

in some cases I faced with an Error with this content : It's not applicable!

so my problem was remained and because of the force of protecting client I installed the previous version of antivirus on that clients


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