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ESMC main Detections screen "Mark as Resolved" disabled?

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I'm not sure what's changed / what I've done to it, but I can't seem to select the whole list of threats and select 'mark as resolved.' I used to scroll through the list, looking for anything that wasn't sufficiently handled, and check all the rest and 'mark as resolved'. I can't do that from that screen anymore, though, for some reason. 

If I go to either the threat details or the computer details, I can mark the threat as resolved. But, having just had to go through this about 300 times, that seems not okay.

Did I change a setting that I can't find somewhere? Did this get updated somehow in the latest version? Am I just being dumb somehow?

2020-01-03 10_00_16-.png

2020-01-03 10_10_10-.png

2020-01-03 10_11_42-.png

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  • ESET Staff

Currently when the column "resolved" is removed from the "detections" table, it´s not possible to mark as resolved. You just need to enable the column, and the option should work correctly. We will address it towards the future version of our product. 

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