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Export of settings to 3rd party


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We've had a request from one of our customers for the settings for their Eset endpoints to provide to an auditor.
Just wondering if I'm missing something. I can't seem to find a way to export settings in a readable way to provide to this 3rd party so they can take a look at the settings other than a raw xml fileexport from the endpoint/a dat export from the ESMC of a policy.

Just wondering if there is something like the old configuration editor that can be used to easily view the settings in versions 6/7? i.e. something I can provide to the auditor so they don't have to try to decipher "DynamicDefenseThreshold" VALUE="4B" from an exported xml file.


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Unfortunately that's not possible. If I remember correctly, it's tracked as an improvement for future versions.

Regarding the EDTD setting, do you have an EDTD license and use it on machines?

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Cheers for that Marcos.
I don't believe we do have one but I changed the value in my example for "DynamicDefenseThreshold" if that makes a difference in regards to your query.

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