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Password manager not synchronizing

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I renewed my licence the 22nd of december and like every year the password manager isn't synchronizing, i tried reinstalling but it's the same, any idea what to do?


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Some follow up, i changed my password manager email since i had and wanted to (exported/imported thanks to your guide) and everything is back to normal, but i when i get back to my previous pw manager email i get the same thing as in the screenshot below (license expired can't add passwords BUT i can add passwords..) i wont use it anymore but still i dunno

And since i can use my licence for 3 computers i have to do this on the other, thing is I still got the message that my license has expired and can't add passwords yet i can

I wish to avoid the creation of an other password manager with a different email just to fix this because otherwise i can't use my main email adress

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