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ECA: some computers can't connect (DeviceSessionTokenRequest)

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Hello guys,

We've a customer with ECA and some computers can't connect to console. The customer tried to create a new all in one but the issue persist even installing latest versions of agents and EES.

In agent agent you can read this:

ERROR: InitializeConnection: Initiating replication connection to 'host: "XXXXXX.a.ecaserver.eset.com" port: 443' failed with: Response for request of type DeviceSessionTokenRequest (request id: 169) was not received in time.

What does this mean?

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As I only have that log line to go by the following is just a guess.  Since it's an eset.com system, it's external and therefore, the first suspect would be the firewall rules (either the windows firewall, or your corporate firewall). 


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