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ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server only report status partially on ECA

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Last week our mail server (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit) was shut down (no UPS power) due to a power failure in the city grid. When the power returned the mail server (virtual server with vmware) was rebooted and all seemed fine. But now suddenly ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server does not report anything else than general status, last connected, alerts and detections.

Everything else like task status, policy status, version is not updated at all and the server does not respond on SYSinspect requests. For example: If a reboot task is scheduled, the server reboots in reality but the task status bar remains white like the task hasn't been run yet. Even after several days. I didn't notice it until today when I tried to update to version 7.1.10011.0.

Any ideas?

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  • ESET Staff

I would try to redeploy the management agent on the machine (uninstall the old one, and install the new one). It will result in a new computer entry in ESET Cloud Administrator, however that should fix the issues. It looks like some corruption.

Maybe @MartinK might have some ideas, if there is any other option to troubleshoot. 

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