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Allow TeamViewer VPN IP's


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You have several possibilities:
1, Create a permissive rule to allow all communication with and put it on top of other rules.
2, Switch the firewall to learning mode and have the necessary rules created automatically for you.
3, Run the firewall troubleshooting wizard to display a list of recently blocked connections and allow the desired communication for which a permissive rule will be created.

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1) I have set a rule - does not work
2) there is no firewall setting in my eset menu
3) there is no trouble shooting wizard (see screen shot)

I am using version ver 7.1.2053



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Since there's no firewall in ESET Endpoint Antivirus, it cannot block network communication. What issue are you actually having and you didn't have prior to installing ESET?

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The problem here is with existing Windows file and printer sharing settings. Allowing blanket inbound port 445 traffic through the Win Firewall is not a secure solution.

Here's one solution that appears to have worked:


I also had this problem, and it could also be easily bypassed by turning off firewall - however I said NO to that solution (for security reasons).....

I solved this by setting sharing options (no Firewall settings were needed):

  1. Go to Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center
  2. On the left, click on Change advanced sharing settings
  3. Expand the network profile your TeamViewer VPNetowrk is in (probably Public profile)
  4. SOLVING POINT: In sub-section File and printer sharing choose Turn on file and printer sharing
  5. (optional but security) As you may be on more public networks, not just TeamViewer VPN:
    For security reasons you should also set this in that network profile:
    • Network discovery => Turn off network discovery
    • Public folder sharing => Turn off Public folder sharing (...)
    • Password protected sharing => Turn on password protected sharing
    • If you can, choose the best encryption you can (probably 128bit)



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