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Problem scanning without mouse or keyboard movement


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I have noticed on multiple clients that when I go into their computers to check, despite weekly scans being turned on and the Windows 10 computers being left on, no record is made in the scan log. This has been occurring for years with all computers which do not have someone sitting at them moving a mouse or typing. So, all peer to peer file servers do not record a scan log. This also occurs if a client leaves on a vacation for a month or two and leaves their computer on. I used to think it didn't scan, however, when I check the scheduler, it gives a correct time for the last scan. So the scheduler says it runs, but the logs say nothing was done. Again, this is absolutely consistent and reproducible. 

Will Eset ever deal with this long lasting issue and is a scan being run or not? If it is being run, how do I determine if the client is getting viruses and they are being cleaned with no log recording? 


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What ESET product and version do you use? You have posted in the ESET NOD32 Antivirus forum but mentioned multiple clients, ie. we'd expect ESET Endpoint Antivirus to be installed. If that's the case, is it managed by ESET Security Management Center and certain policies are applied?

Have you tried uninstalling ESET, installing the latest version from scratch using default settings and scheduling a scan?


If it is being run, how do I determine if the client is getting viruses and they are being cleaned with no log recording? 

Even if scheduled scans were not run, it would not mean that your machine was unprotected. It's real-time protection and other HIPS-based protection modules that provide real-time protection.  On-demand scans are good to find inactive malware in archives that may reside on a disk.

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I posted to this forum because this is the product those clients are using. Anyone can check this issue for themselves. Put nod32 antivirus (any version for the last 2 years), on a computer. Don't worry about the Windows version, it doesn't matter. Schedule a scan say at 2am on Tuesdays. Only access that computer via network. Do not touch the mouse or keyboard. Check it a month later. The scheduler will report that the scans ran. The logs will not show that any scans were done. The computer does not sleep or hibernate, I always turn those off. Usually these computers are very busy as file servers and running accounting software, but they are not Windows servers, just peer to peer attached file servers.

So far, I've been unable to get an answer from Eset on whether the logs or the scheduler was correct or how we find out if malware was found. Other scheduled software runs, backup software, imaging software, off-site backup etc. This issue is reproducible and has been for a couple of years.

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