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Installing Client Software on PC on another Domain


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We are currently moving all of our client PCs to a new domain (for the sake of this example from domain.1 to domain.2.

I have just started to set up the new machines and have come to push a network install of eset endpoint encryption from the server (on domain.1) onto the clients which are on domain.2

I can;t see a way of pointing the remote install to the new domain though. If i enter CLIENTNAME.Domain.2 then I get an error saying the name is too long. However if I don't the install seems to point to CLIENTNAME.DOmain.1

Is there something that I am missing?



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Hello @RCD_Matt,

There are multiple ways to go around this. However I am curious as to why you have not yet moved your Server to the new location and then set up the users. This would make it easier for you and would avoid issues with the push installation.

Unfortunately push install was not designed to accept FQDN, therefore if you are unable to resolve the name then there is no other way to do this via the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server.

There are 2 options that you can look into:

  •  You can manually distribute the .MSI yourself across your environment.
  • Use a third party tool to send the package across your network.

I hope this help.

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Hi Kristian,

Basically we are migrating from a windows 2000 domain (yes I know) to a 2016 one as part of a larger project. It has been decided that it would be better to make a clean break and set up the 2016 one separately rather than go through raising the domain functional level.

Currently all users are still on the old domain and we are not planning on going live on the new one for another few months. I wanted to leave the server on the old domain whilst the clients that it was supporting were also on that domain (we are also rolling out new machines to everyone going from Windows 7 to Windows 10).

I have managed to get around the issue by creating a DNS alias  for the machines on the new domain that the server on the old domain can use to find them.

I'm asuming that when it is time to change the server over I can just disjoing it from the old domaina dnjoin it to the new without afecting ESET Encryption (resetting FDE logons etc...)

Thanks for your help.


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