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Clean install from XP pro to Win 7 32bit pro, Anything I need to do to SS 7?

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      Just after I renewed my licence for a two computer system, I upgraded to SS 7 from 6 by ESET program update, not from a downloaded setup file. That doesn't leave me with a hardcopy of Smart Security 7 to re-install on my machine for a system upgrade. My concern is ESET will think I'm installing to a third desktop, when it's only to reinstall under a different operating system. (It's licenced to Feb 2016 for my desktop. I'm also licensed on my laptop which already runs Win 7).


      A clean install of Win 7 will clean my hard drive and I'll need to start from scratch. I will then need to reinstall all my drivers and executables which includes ESET.


     I looked in ESET help menu and found no reference to "What to do if you upgrade/change operating systems". 


     Can I just go to the ESET site and re-enter my eset user and password and download another setup file? Is my

XP version of eset (non 64bit) the same as a win 7 32 eset.?


    A reinstall procedure would really help.


    Sorry if I'm not too clear on my explaination.



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Prior to upgrading the operating system, we recommend uninstalling any security software completely. After the upgrade has completed, download the latest version of the product you purchased from ESET website and activate it using your username and password after installation.

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