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ESET Endpoint Antivirus Issues after Windows 10 Upgrade


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I have a handful of clients with ESET Endpoint Antivirus which was installed on Windows 7.  I upgraded 2 of these clients to Windows 10  and it appears both Windows Security tools and ESET are both running.  

What is the best way to disable Windows Security tools and\or Defender Firewall?

On clients not yet upgraded, should I uninstall ESET before the upgrades?

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Marcos, Thank you for your follow-up.  Please see attached.

I think I am in error regarding both products running.  I saw the Security Overview and inferred that we had MS Security running.  I did not drill down on Virus and Threat Protection to see it is using ESET (We are new to 10).  

With the product we own I believe we are relying on Windows Defender firewall.

Not clear if we should have purchased ESET Endpoint Security as opposed to Anti-virus.  These are for laptops which may run remote over a (Meraki) VPN.  Current pricing appears to be the same.  Any additional thoughts are appreciated.

We have also just installed server 2019 and have ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server running there. 

Security ESET.PNG

Security Overview.PNG

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I am unable to find a feature comparison sheet between ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Anti-Virus, but I have seen the individual pages

Am I correct Endpoint Security would have replaced the Firewall also.  Do I need this with the server product?

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