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ESET Mobile Security Anti-Phishing

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Bought the ESET Mobile Security program today for my Amazon HD Fire 8. During installation, tried several times to activate anti-phishing for Silk Browser. When I press to allow accessibility to enable Anti-Phishing, it redirects me to "Application Permissions" (Tap on ESET Mobile Security...(Category "Services") and enable functionality. I press ok and at bottom of list in "Accessibility", I see "Services" and under that "ESET Mobile Security" Off. There is no toggle to turn it On. And when I click on Off, nothing happens. Can anyone help. If not, I'm going to seek a refund. I tried finding an option to the Silk Browser in the Amazon Appstore, but nothing like Chrome, Firefox or Opera. I thought it might be the Silk Browser that's the issue. Thanks, folks.

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I had a large amount of data and users removed from my phone. Data usage said like 20 GB. Then I switched phones, same number. Then I was phished while making a new Samsung account w a new email I had just created. Within minutes of making the new Samsung account, I could not access it, and was stuck w it on my phone for a few days. I recovered it and changed the password but not the password to the email it was associated with. Then I got random notifications for sign ins to accounts I pretty well either abandoned or never created in first place. Then I got an unsecured email related to the phished samsung account flagged. Reported it to email provider. Then I noticed other things on my device. Flashing at bottom of screen when turning on hotspot or wifi. Strange wifi networks, and my device name keeps changing, devices hook up to hot spot no internet access, and sometimes websites flash and reappear right after they finishing loading. Then I see my straight talk account has nicknames for devices both active and inactive. Previous devices labeled w new device imei and then I check my current device and find it to be also nicknamed w my real imei but the actual imei is different from my phones. Also Google find my mobile says I have 2 of the same phone. P.s. my husband has my google accounts on his phone but not the same type of device. His device shows on find my mobile just fine. Installed or app today no problems.  Please help. Update just now new email account emails have been deleted/ disappeared.

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