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ESET Mobile Security Anti-Phishing

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Bought the ESET Mobile Security program today for my Amazon HD Fire 8. During installation, tried several times to activate anti-phishing for Silk Browser. When I press to allow accessibility to enable Anti-Phishing, it redirects me to "Application Permissions" (Tap on ESET Mobile Security...(Category "Services") and enable functionality. I press ok and at bottom of list in "Accessibility", I see "Services" and under that "ESET Mobile Security" Off. There is no toggle to turn it On.  And when I click on Off, nothing happens. Can anyone help. If not, I'm going to seek a refund. I tried finding an option to the Silk Browser in the Amazon Appstore, but nothing like Chrome, Firefox or Opera. I thought it might be the Silk Browser that's the issue. Thanks, folks.

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