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Computer scan does not work

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The computer's scan suddenly stops working. It starts, but does not scan any files. Even after 10 hours, 0 checked files are still displayed. It does not matter whether the scan is started manually or automatically.

I run an automatic scan every Sunday. According to the log, this was still carried out correctly on 24.11.2019. Yesterday the scan was stuck at 0 files, even after 10 hours it still returned 0 files.



Amendment: Immediately after booting the computer, the scan can be started normally and runs without problems. Some time later it will hang at 0 files after the start.


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If you are able to reproduce the issue, I'd suggest carrying on as follows:
- start logging with Procmon
- right-click the scan task in Scheduler and select Run now
- after the scan completes, stop logging
- save the log, compress it and convey it along with logs collected with ESET Log Collector to customer care for perusal.

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