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Selling keys?


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I would recommend that you be very cautious about buying license keys from places where the prices seem "too good to be true."

ESET's websites, plus those of its distributors, partners and resellers are legitimate, reliable sources of the software, providing full service, support and assistance. 

If you see a license being sold for a fraction of the price from some online site, it could be a trial license, counterfeit, pirated, or some kind of a crack.  Keep in mind that ESET takes action against licenses that are abused.  It could be that you buy a license from some random site, and it works for a single day before being deactivated because of abuse, and then you have lost out on both your money and protecting your computer.

Right now there are various holidays promotions going on in various places around the world, so you might find some good deals online for ESET's software.  Also, you can always contact an authorized partner, reseller, distributor or even local ESET office to see what sort of unadvertised discounts might be available (discounts for pensioners, students, switching from a competitive product, and so forth).


Aryeh Goretsky

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