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Dave Partridge

Management Agent Version

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I'm struggling to create a dynamic group to identify out of date agents from where I can force them to update to the latest version. I know from the dashboard that I have 91 devices with an out of date management agent but no matter what I try I cannot create a dynamic group to show me these devices.

Here's a screenshot of the settings I currently have and this shows me 1 device with an out of date agent only.




Please if anyone has any suggestions.

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There are two possible issues that are coming to my mind:

  • It might take some time until group is populated. At least one connection of each client is required after ich modification of group template - have you waited for long enough?
  • I am not sure whether all used operators were actually available in older ERA Agents which might result in not-matching of such dynamic groups. In case groups has not been populated in the meantime, I would recommend to check different, (negative) design of group template which will be matched by clients without installed latest version of AGENT (for Windows): image.png



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