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Has this software been tested before release?

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I have 2 "installs" of ESMC.  Both were at v7.0.


Install 1 - Set up at a remote customer's site.  All was working.  Didn't access system for a couple weeks.  Go to log on and can't bring up console.  Apache Tomcat isn't running.  Tried manually starting it.  No go.  Waste a times messing with it.  Finally figure I'll just uninstall and reinstall.  After uninstall Tomcat is still there.  Googling and finally find a way to manually uninstall it.  Go to reinstall ESMC and it thinks Tomcat is still there (service and folders are gone).  Spend more time trying repair, removing SQL, etc.  Finally just give up.  Maybe I'll just let that network update directly from ESET.  I won't have management capability but I'm questioning if it is worth the time.

Install 2 - I'm warned I need to upgrade.  Try to upgrade and I get "Installation failed.  Do you want to uninstall installed components" immediately.  Maybe I'll just ignore the upgrade warnings.


Yeah, I know I can call support blah blah blah blah.  This all burns time I need to use elsewhere.     I'm must be unlucky as it seems every time I have an upgrade/systems change ESET just burns time.

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How did you upgrade to ESMC v7.1, did you send an ESMC Component upgrade task or upgraded all components using the AiO installer according to https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/upgrade_allinone.html?

To answer your initial question, ESMC had been available as a beta for several months for testing and was also tested thoroughly for a long time before it was eventually released.

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