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ESET Endpoint Security 7 + Win10 in Vmware Horizon


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Dear Forum!

This older thread has been archived:

Are there any updates or solutions for this topic yet?
We are having the same issue:

If we install ESET 7 in our virtual desktops that run Windows 10, we cannot use Blast protocol anymore. Otherwise there are bluescreens instantly at login (see old topic)
Forcing Blast over TCP works fine though, but of course has lower display performance.
In the headquarters with Gigabit LAN this does not matter much.   But all smaller branch offices that are working over VPN on their virtual desktops notice the difference very much. - Videos-presentations are jerky over TCP instead of UDP.

I seen someone said this could be a Vmware issue, but it is defintitely not! - This is an ESET 7 issue!
Because if you uninstall ESET everything is working fine,  even Blast (UDP).

And if you install other vendor's Antivirus applications, everything is working fine too.
So don't tell us, "this is Vmware issue"  - Fix it !  Its been more than half a year now and nobody seems to care about this.

Franz R.

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A workaround should be already included in Endpoint 7.2. As for an actual fix in the VMWare driver, I have no clue if they have already included it in their products. However, a workaround on our part should suffice in order for the issue to not manifest.

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