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ESET Endpoint on Mojave causing freezes

Alan L

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I am on Endpoint version 6.8.2 running on MacOS 10.14.6 on a MBP 2017 15". The installation is managed by caspar/JAMF.

In recent months, I have experienced frequent rolling ball freezes, websites on Safari failing to load, dmg's taking a very long time to open, etc. and through a process or elimination identified that it is ESET causing these issues. The update was supposed to fix this and to a small degree, it has. However, performance is still significantly negatively affected such that it interferes with production on this device. For example, video conferencing produces freezes and time outs, which is very bad.

While caspar is the only privileged user to enable/disable Real Time scanning, turning off the scanning options (don't ask how) demonstrates that it is ESET that is causing the problems.

Questions are:

Is it possible the outsourced IT team (our in-house team were made redundant and this new team are less than knowledgeable about most things) have created an incorrectly structured config? If so, how do I found out and then fix it? My expectation is that they use the same config as earlier ESET versions.

How do I verify that this is the cause? Is there someone that can interpret the log files for me (the team are unwilling to make the effort)?

What can I do to eliminate the negative effects of this (short of deleting ESET entirely)?

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