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ESET Outlook Plugin has been disabled by Outlook


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I'm using Endpoint Security v7.1.2053.0 with Outlook 2007 and see the attached message on a couple of Windows 7 machines.

This isn't specific to the Eset version although I don't have a record of when it first started to appear. Reinstalling Eset doesn't solve the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Outlook plugin error.JPG

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What happens if you re-enable the Outlook plug-in in Disable items ? Does it get disabled again? What other non-standard Outlook plug-ins do you have?


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Hi Marcos,

I've attached screenshots of all the add-ins. The Eset add-in is unchecked and listed on the Exchange Client Extensions screen.

When I enable the Eset add-in it's shown checked but I see an error.

If the add-in is left enabled I see the error in my first post every time I start Outlook. The temporary solution is to manually uncheck the add-in.


Exchange Client Extensions.JPG


Disabled items.JPG

COM add-in 2 of 2.JPG

COM add-in 1 of 2.JPG

Error attempting to enable the add-in.JPG

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