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Completely offline network


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I have a closed network that does not have internet access, and I want to install EEAV 6.6 on Windows computers and a server with ERA 6.5 (whether it will have internet connection) on the same network.
I need to know if I can have my clients fully functional without internet connection, which would include ALL components, engines, signatures, license activations and any other things that have to be downloaded from the internet.
Thank you for the info.
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  • ESET Staff

It should be possible to deploy and manged ESET solution in such network, but I would not call it "fully functional" as there will be security layers not working at all, for example cloud reputation system.

From ERA/ESMC perspective, you will have to employ MirroTool to prepare offline update repository for clients (and ERA/ESMC components) and also to create offline repository in case more user-friendly deployment and ESET application management will be required.

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