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cannot renew my subscribtion because account deleted?!

Nikolay Hristov

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Two years ago I got eset nod32 license for 2 years. Now when I tried to renew my license I constantly get 404 error on bulgarian eset site (shop.centio.bg)
I contacted the support and they told me that my account is deleted even when my subscription is still active. They said that this is normal because they have new site and that all accounts are deleted. They said to me a lot of stupid stuff like 'account cannot be transfered to the new site because my password is in different hash than the new site' ?!

It seems that they do not value their customers.

Is it possible to buy another license from another country in the EU? Eset site constantly forward my browser to bulgarian shop.centio.bg ?

Tell me what should I do?

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I was able to enter your license key and proceed with ordering a renewal. Did you encounter a problem after this step? I for one don't see a reason why it should not be possible to purchase.


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My account was deleted for no reason. Did you get that?
Anyway I do not want to purchase new license from that bg reseller. What are the options for me to buy it from somewhere else in EU?



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