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Email notification to the user Mail Security

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Hi There,

If an email is quarantined in ESET Mail Security, can that particular user will be notified in email notification. The reason for asking is, user should have information that his/her email has been deleted/quarantine and if they wish they can ask for release of that email.  


Windows Server: Windows server 2012

ESET Mail Security: ESET Mail Security




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I don't think this is possible since it would be a bad idea to notify spammers about undelivered spam to existing actual email addresses.

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Hi marcos,

Thank for the reply.

I’m taking about the actual user not spammer.

For example, if user A email gets into quarantine or email is blocked in Mail Security, is it possible to notify user A.

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Hi Marcos/ESET,

I have email in Mail quarantine in Mail security for exchange. I want to add email notification to recipients that their email is in quarantine, so that if they wish they can release the email. Please let me know is this possible.


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Hello Shafiq,

If you mean notifying the recipient, then it is possible as far as I know..
You can create a quarantine report task, which will inform the users that they have quarantined emails..
it's also possible to activate a quarantine web console, which allow the end users to view a list of currently quarantined items, they can only release spam emails, other emails which has been blocked per rule will need an admin to be released
check the link here:

hope it helps.

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