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Cant connect to media servers after latest update

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I just updated Internet Security to on windows 10.

After the update i cant connect to my Plex media server running on win10 from my smart tv and the same issue with connecting from my android phone to vlc remote. If i turn of the firewall it works fine. I tried adding both programs under firewall - advanced - rules allowing all protocols in both directions and also under HIPS - exclusions. Nothing helps.

I have included recent logs


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I'd suggest the following:

- Remove all custom rules
- Switch the firewall to learning mode
- Connect to the media server from another machine
- Switch the firewall to automatic mode
- Review the rules and edit them as necessary. Test communication after making changes in particular rules.

If that doesn't help:
- enable advanced network protection logging under Tool -> Diagnostics
- reboot the machine
- reproduce the issue with blocked communication
- disable logging
- collect fresh logs with ELC and provide them for perusal. Also include information about the IP address from which the media server was accessed and the communication was blocked.

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