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Latest Internet Security version bricked Windows 8.1 Pro 64x

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Windows 8.1 Pro 64x system now bricked because of latest version of Eset Internet Security. I was prompted by Eset software to restart my system as it had been updated to the latest version, I performed the restart and now the system is stuck in a Automatic repair loop that doesn't finish or I can't get into the recovery menu. To top it off I can't even recover from installation media as it doesn't go through the whole process and just reboots the system. Workstation had been working perfectly fine now I have a non-functioning system.

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So far we have not received reports about such issues. Are you able to start Windows in safe mode? In safe mode ESET's drivers are not loaded.

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8 hours ago, Marcos said:

Are you able to start Windows in safe mode?

This is not possible in this situation. When the system boots, Windows is automatically going into auto repair mode. As such, one can't access the recovery environment menu to boot into safe mode.

Try to boot from Win 8.1 DVD or USB drive if bootable media was previously created. You should be able to access the recovery environment from there. Refer to step 3). in this article on how to boot into safe mode via Win 8.1 recovery environment: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/5-ways-boot-safe-mode-windows-8-windows-81

Also make sure you make note of this from the article:


IMPORTANT: This method almost always works, but it makes Windows 8.1 go into Safe Mode every time it starts. To disable it and make Windows 8.1 to boot normally again, open Command Prompt and run this command: bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot.

As an alternative method, you can try the technique described in step 2). of the article. This interrupts the Auto Recovery process allowing you to get into safe mode.

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