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ESET installation failed - Disk Space

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Good afternoon, I am trying to install the antivirus on one of my servers, however when I install it it indicates that the disk does not have enough space, I expanded the disk, but the installation also fails.

All antivirus files must be installed on drive C ?.

Or the installation can be done in unit D, without problems ?.

The antivirus is incompatible with some operating systems.

Or is it compatible with any operating system, regardless of the version ?, It is being installed on a windows server 2003 x86 server.


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1, The latest version of ESET's server products compatible with Windows Server 2003 is v6.5.

2, Do you have at least 0,5 GB of free space on drive C : even if you install ESET on another drive and use that drive also to store modules?

3, If security matters to you, upgrade to a modern and fully supported operating system. Installing security software on old unsupported OS for which no updates and patches are issued will not make it much more secure and it's just a question of time when it gets compromised, especially if connected to the Internet.

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It is trying to install ESET® MAIL SECURITY, however, we expanded the disk at the VM level, and then expanded the partition in the operating system, but it was not successful.

At the installer level there is an option that allows the tool to be installed on another unit ?, other than disk C.

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