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Help with app/domain detection

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My Application just detected FALSELY as:

a variant of Win32 / RBPlus.A


And also,

My Domain is FALSELY detected as:

This page is identified as potentially unwanted.

This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content.



Can you please help, or explain why this happening?

Thanks in advance!

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This application is correctly detected as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). PUA detection is optional and it's at users' discretion whether they want to have such applications detected or not. Since this forum doesn't serve as a channel for disputing detections, we'll draw this thread to a close.


For more information about this application, read the following article: hxxp://bettingprofitsbulletin.com/roulette-scam-exposed/

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