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Endpoint Security and public folders in Outlook


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is it possible to use Endpoint Security in public folders in Outlook?
We use Outlook 365 as a client for a local Exchange-server and in public folders the context-menu and menu-bar is greyed out:

image.png.f66f8eeb7e23fe6e3779d109dd2ce07a.png  image.png.86655f74ec9c822951f5b9135cc7b0ed.png   

In the standard mailfolders everything works fine.


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Hello @KHIng,

my experience is, that the ESET toolbar is greyed out, when no message is selected i.e. for example when there is not message in that folder / mailbox.

Once I click on a message even in the mapped shared mailbox, I can see the icons active, can you confirm such behavior? 


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