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ESET Endpoint License used for internet Security and VM

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HI Peeps,

1. Can I use an endpoint license to activate internet security or smart security etc.

2. If i run Windows Server 2016/19, can i use one endpoint license for the server and 2 VM's or does each VM also need a license?



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1, I recall it's possible. Do you have a license only for a couple of machines that don't need to be managed centrally? How many?

2, On Windows servers you should install ESET File Security (or ESET Mail Security on a MS Exchange mail server). Endpoint is not intended for servers; it was not tested on servers and installation on servers is not in concordance with EULA either. We sell packs that also include licenses for a specific number of servers, depending on the number of seats covered by the license. Please contact your local distributor or authorized ESET's reseller for more information.

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Thanks for the quick reply..

1. Ok so lets say i have 40 Endpoint licenses but 3 people would rather like to install Smart Security on their laptops . Can I use 3 of the 40 licenses to activate Smart Security with the same key in stead?

2. What License would i need to cover one DC Server and 2 x VM's on the same server? Exchange is cloud based so no problem.

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