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ESET Cyber Security Breaks Time Machine in Catalina


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Hi People,

Since updating to Catalina, I found that Time Machine backups to my Synology NAS were very slow and would fail after a long time. I successfully completed a Time Machine backup in safe mode so when an incremental backup started I watched as it slowed down to a crawl. While it was doing that I disabled ESET Real Time Protection and sudden; t backup speed was back up to normal. I've subsequently disabled ESET's checking of network drives, but I hope that someone has a look at why this is happening

I've also posted to Apple discussions and have found many others with the same problem although I don't know what virus cheers they are using.


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I seem to be experiencing the same thing in Catalina on a rather old Mac. I guess I will try temporarily disabling protections and have another go at the TM backup.

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