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ESET Webcam protection cannot be reset default

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1. Set Webcam Protection to MAX (block all access).
2. Try reset to default - standby mode (ask for access), without success - button or link did not work at all.
3. Only reset ALL SETTINGS (firewall, excluding etc.) in advanced setup WORKS, and magically removing all customs (in other sections). 

I have lastest
Maybe this issue is related with UAC?? I works in default normal user privilages account.

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This step just removed rules from table BUT did not unlocked Webcam to default status. I have still orange locked and empty rule table here now. 

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I don't understand what you mean by unblocking the webcam. If there are no rules, the webcam is not blocked by ESET.

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6 hours ago, Marcos said:

I don't understand

As you see Access to webcam is completely denied. yellow/orange color.
Button "Turn Off completely denied access to webcam" does not work - does nothing. 
Reset current page in Advanced settings does only one thing - clear up rules tables.
And mainly I working on normal user account and launch UAC for full admin rights here. 

What works??
completely reset ALL SETUP SETTINGS via DEFAULT button (not arrows). But it is annoying for me (I have customs in firewall). 



@Marcos I resolved this. xD 

1. Reset section to default (remove current setup rules).
2. Reboot.
3. Launch Skype or other mic/webcam app.
4. ESET will reset state of DENIED and ask you for access app to webcam.
5. Now ESET is in learning mode - asking for new events.
6. Skype have access granted in ESET but still black - no view from webcam. Only disabling feautre in ESET globally works. 

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