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ESET Endpoint Security app keeps closing

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I have checked both tablets having the issues and they are on ESET Endpoint Security version Opening app and then it immediately closes and says app stopped working. These are AT&T Trek 2 HD Model K88, and they are running Android 7.1.1 They are ESET fresh installs as well. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, Clear Cache, Clear Data and nothing works. I go through install like ones we have done in the past and everything works except when I go to open the app to finish install after downloading.

My phone was on version and worked just fine. I updated to and it still works and app opens.

I took another AT&T same model tablet that already has ESET on it and it works and opens. Updated it to and it works just fine. App opens without crash.


Sounds like a fresh install issue? Any help?
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Hi, we have exactly the same problem on new installation of ESET on Android Tablets. The App immediately closes when I click the icon. But on devices where the old version was installed it does work after an upgrade.

This is really a big hindrance for us because we can not hand out devices where ESET does not work. If you need Logs to fix this I will be willing to provide them.



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