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Deploy Agent Grey Out with Deployment Account

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in ESMC, I created a secondary account for deployment. Useful so that on-site technicians can deploy products without having full rights on the server. 

I have configured the permissions as shown here: https://support.eset.com/kb6726/

But when I connect to the console with the technician account, in the Ordinateus - Groups section - by clicking on a computer, the option "Deploy agent" is greyed out.

If I give all the rights to the technician, the option is available.

would anyone know what the exact permission is for this option to be available to a limited administrator.

Thank you. 


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ok i think i've missunderstood permissions best practices.

i've created permission set with full right for CLIENTS groups

and other one with limited permissions (reports, etc.) for ALL Groups

i've assigned both permissions set to technician user and it's all right now.

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