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Multiple licenses for MDC.

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Hi there,

The MDC must be activated by a single license. But once activated, there is no obvious place to assign which license is in fact used for various mobile deployments.


  1. Department 1 has 300 Android phones and an EEPA license for their devices. MDC is activated against this license, and the phones are protected by MDM.
  2. Department 2 has 150 Android phones and an EEPA license for their devices. Attempt to deploy MDM results in Department 1's license being used, showing as being over its device limit.

How would the IT team remedy this and allow each department within the organization to deploy its own license on their mobile devices. All departments are administered by the same IT department via a single ESMC/MDC. It is not an option to deploy individual ESMC/MDC servers for each department.


Robbie // The Bald Nerd

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  • ESET Staff

MDM Core is activated (although it does not consume license seat, activation is done only for the purpose of getting the valid update credentials for receiving module updates). Each mobile device needs to be activated separately, using the "product activation task" targeted towards the particular mobile device entry. 

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