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EIS Firewall?

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After installing EIS latest I got this notification:


Eset Security is turned off
If I click on Turn on, nothing happens:


If I Turn off WD Firewall, Windows is not happy


BTW I do not want Windows Defender Firewall and EIS Firewall On at the same time

In short EIS Firewall does not want to turn ON and I do not want Windows Defender Firewall ON

What is the problem?

Windows 10 latest, EIS latest, FF latest, MBAM latest



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As far as I am aware of, you are the first to report this issue on ver. 12.2.30 which fixed the problem for most. Did you upgrade to 12.2.30 via Eset in-GUI upgrade?  Or download full ver. and install on top of Eset prior ver. or from scratch after uninstalling the prior Eset ver.?

Did the Eset firewall turn on after clicking on the "Turn on" tab in Windows Security Center? After doing this, open Control Panel -> Windows Defender Firewall and verify it states Eset is managing the Windows Defender Firewall.


Reboot the PC and see if the issue still persists.

Also WSC shows both Eset and MBAM real-time protection enabled. MBAM real-time protection might be the conflict here. Suggest you turn off MBAM real-time protection and only use it as an on-demand second opinion scanner.


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