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.net Frameware and Eset File Security - usually no problem, no exclusion needed right?

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did you ever heard about  Problems in connection with  ESET File Security 6.4  and   .NET Framwork?  
(on Terminalserver Windows 2012 R2)

We are looking for ERP-Programm crash issues and have some .NET Errors in the Windows Event Log.

A Connection to ESET is not visible, but  perhaps you say based on my question:  e.g.  add framework to the exklusion or something like that

We just added some ERP-Programm Paths to the exlusions and will review.

Thx for your opinion!



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ESET is not a .Net application so the issue shouldn't be related. Since EFSW 6.4 is quite old, we'd recommend upgrading to the latest 7.1. Among others, it's brought Ransomware shield as a new feature.

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