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Multiple copies of same email coming into my inbox

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I have started to receive multiple copies of the emails into my outlook 2010 inbox. I use ESET Internet Security These are regular emails, NOT only spam, but important expected emails. I can receive between 30 & 60 of the same email with exactly the same size, subject, sender, time etc. i.e. identical. TalkTalk Business is my provider, and the email platform (A legacy name now owned by TalkTalk is F2S. I use Windows 10 home latest update version

This only started two weeks ago. I have checked gfor Viruses (ESET) and Malware (Malwarebytes) and there are no problems. I have read that there can be an issue with ESET NODE32. I have de-selected ESET SpAM & EMAIL Settings for the time being. and am relying on the Anti Vius settings on my ISP server.

Is ESET Aware of any issues? If so what should I do?



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